UC medical schools

December 6, 2008 

UC Merced School of Medicine would be seventh in a series.

1. UC San Francisco School of Medicine:

UC San Francisco founded 1864, became UC campus 1964

Total enrollment: 2,932 students

School of Medicine founded 186, affiliated with UC 1873

Enrollment: 594 M.D. students

2. UCLA School of Medicine:

UCLA opened in 1919

Total enrollment: 39,626 students

School of Medicine opened 1951

Enrollment: 750 M.D. students

3. UC Davis School of Medicine:

UC Davis founded 1908

Total enrollment: 31,426 students

School of Medicine founded 1965

Enrollment: 401 M.D. students

4. UC San Diego School of Medicine

UC San Diego opened 1960

Total enrollment: 28,500 students

School of Medicine opened 1968

Enrollment: 520 M.D. students

5. UC Irvine School of Medicine

UC Irvine founded 1964

Total enrollment: 26,984 students

School of Medicine founded 1896, joined UCI campus 1968

Enrollment: 416 M.D. students

6. UC Riverside

UC Riverside founded 1954

Total enrollment: 18,079 students

School of Medicine

Planned to open 2012

7. UC Merced

UC Merced opened 2005

Total enrollment: 2,700 students

School of Medicine (proposed)

No opening date set

Sources: University of California Schools of Medicine at Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco; UC Irvine, UC Merced

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