Perpetual Motion in Planada

Posted by Brandon on May 18, 2010 user "Mjon" presented a question to other Sunspots users wondering if a tale about a "perpetual motion machine" in Planada was true.

I couldn't find anything in the Sun-Star's online archives, but according to a 1952 Milwaukee Journal article, a Planada lumberman hoped to harness up to 35,000 horsepower from a perpetual motion machine designed according to the biblical description of an "Ezekiel wheel"

Charles E. Spurlock, then 38, told reporters that he had developed the machine, "powered by faith" and constructed on directions from the Bible. He said that he envisioned automobiles powered by his invention and said planned to build an airplane with a 44-foot wing span, also powered by the Ezekiel wheels.

Paul Harvey's not around to give us the rest of the story, so does anybody out there know how this story turned out?

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