Tip List: Property littered with junk

abutt@mercedsunstar.comOctober 27, 2011 

In a side yard and behind an abandoned house on West 22nd Street, there are bags and boxes of rotting trash and garbage.

There is a blue tarp, carpet remnants, old buckets, benches, boxes, brooms, leaves and much more.

The house used to belong to Audrey Davidson, who died late last year, according to Jeff Mearis, who lives across the street.

"She was a really old lady. I helped her with her stuff," he said.

The new owner is listed as Federal National Mortgage Bank in Dallas, according to information obtained at the Merced County Assessor's office.

Phone calls to the bank weren't returned Wednesday afternoon.

Mike Stephenson, assistant chief building official for the city of Merced, said the city opened a code enforcement case on the property in August.

"We've addressed that there is a problem there. We've sent notices to the bank. You can see why the house is still that way," he said, noting it wasn't the city's responsibility.

"As much as we'd like to go and clean it up, we don't have the funds. It's not our responsibility, it's the bank's," Stephenson said.

What's the problem: Abandoned house on West 22nd Street; trash all over the property

Who's responsible: Federal National Mortgage Bank

What's being done: The city has sent out notices to the bank; it's not the city's responsibility.

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