Tip List: Trucks are fixtures on streets

abutt@mercedsun-star.comNovember 10, 2011 

For the past seven months, Bonnie Hoyt has driven past two trucks with flat tires parked on East Alexander Avenue. The trucks even have cobwebs.

Hoyt, who lives in the area, said: "It's kind of funny, but it's kind of disgusting to see that all the time. I know I left my car on the street for a long time because it wasn't running for maybe two weeks, and I got a ticket."

Lt. Bimley West of the Merced Police Department said there's an ordinance that warns the public that if there's a vehicle parked on the street, it must be moved within

72 hours. "If it's not, it's subject to be stored at one of the tow company facilities," he said.

West noted the traffic unit would handle such cases, but because of budget cuts it had to be integrated into the patrol unit, which handles more than traffic.

"This is something if the community does not call us when they see these things, then it is kind of hard because there are so many streets in the city of Merced," he said, adding the department would send parking enforcement officers or patrol officers to check on the vehicles on East Alexander. West said the owner will be given an opportunity to correct the situation.

Residents can call the police department, text keyword "COMVIP" to TIP411 (847411), or call the tip line at (209) 385-4725 to report a problem.

What's the problem: Two trucks parked on East Alexander Avenue that have been there a long time.

Who's responsible: Merced Police Department

What's being done: The department will send parking enforcement officers or patrol officers to check on the trucks. It will give the owner an opportunity to correct the situation.

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