Recycling containers being added to Merced College campus

abutt@mercedsunstar.comMay 16, 2012 

Think twice before throwing that soda can into the nearest garbage bin at Merced College.

The campus will have specific places to throw away aluminum and plastic containers in the fall semester.

Joseph Newman, who is in his second year at the college, is leading the college's first recycling program, which kicked off last month on Earth Day.

He said the program would have an environmental impact, and make students environmentally conscious of recycling and financially support the clubs on campus.

The Merced Community College District spent $2,000 to buy 10 stainless steel cans, which will be delivered to the campus in the next two weeks, said Rick Souhrada, director of facilities.

Newman hopes the project will gather steam in the fall semester and become a larger campus community project. The program, which is being overseen by the college's Recycling Club, was approved by the student government earlier this semester.

"This is the first step in the ongoing process. Get it established and to expand it across campus," Newman said.

He said he wanted to get the student body involved in recycling to create a sustainable environment on campus.

Newman created a program in which at least 16 college organizations would participate. Each will be assigned a time frame to collect recyclables and keep them in a designated storage place. From there, the bags will be taken for recycling at least once a week, Newman said.

The money made from recycling the cans would be equally distributed among the organizations at the end of each semester, he said.

A few old recycling cans scattered across campus can be used, he said. But Newman wants to add new recycling cans to the stadium, as well.

Some of the recycling containers will be located at the cafeteria, the gym's main floor, and the lobbies of the learning resource center and the administration building, among other places.

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