PETER LIZDAS: Mitt Romney's shine dims

October 10, 2012 

Commentator Michael Gerson ("An exceptional candidate"), praises Mitt Romney's Denver debate performance, citing his tone of authority, not to mention vim and vigor. Well, Romney no doubt did shine in the performance aspect in the debate, sounding both knowledgeable and passionate.

However, when the truth value of his various assertions is inspected closely, the shine dims. A good example is "Obamacare" -- which he has previously vowed to repeal in its entirety on his first day in office.

Wednesday night, he partially embraced certain aspects of the ACA, saying that he plans to uphold the "pre-existing conditions" feature of the law, which is very popular. (Just days after telling us how the ER will suffice for the uninsured!)

As has now been widely reported, however, Romney's plan only protects the insured in this regard in cases where they already have coverage. If you are first-time buyer of insurance, or have had to let your coverage lapse, Romney's plan does nothing to protect you from being denied coverage due to a pre-existing condition.

It's a shame that those, like Gerson, who value the theatrical aspects of debate performance don't have an equal concern for the truthfulness of the candidate's declarations.



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