MARYANN McKISSICK: Lies repeated by the Democrats

October 12, 2012 

I agree that by constantly repeating a lie it is entirely possible to create mythical realities.


1. Democrats care about the poor. Fact: After spending trillions on the war on poverty, Dems leave us with 1-in-6 people impoverished and 47 million families on food stamps.

2. Democrats believe in paying their bills. Fact: Dems have no specific plans to payoff the $16 trillion national debt and continue adding a trillion more to the deficit annually.

3. Democrats care about energy independence. Fact: Dems kiboshed the Keystone pipeline and regulated new power plants into nonexistence. They decline clean coal as an option and refuse new drilling on federal lands; they created the boondoggle of inefficient corn alcohol as fuel, jeopardizing food supplies.

4. Democrats care about protecting our southern border. Fact: Dems' "Fast and Furious," supplying guns to drug dealers, have cost the lives of U.S. border patrol agents and Mexican families caught in its crosshairs.

5. Democrats care about education. Our K-12 public schools, compared to their international counterparts, add up to a dismal failure. This after decades of implementing President Jimmy Carter's Department of Education guidelines and Democrats unionizing schools.



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