Marc Medefind: If Prop. 30 'fails, our state fails'

October 18, 2012 

If you thought the outcry was bad when school busing was slashed this year, it will be much worse should Proposition 30 not pass.

If this initiative fails, our state fails.

At one time, our state was flush where education was concerned. But in just the past four years, $20 billion has been cut from education and 30,000 educators have been laid off. As a state, we are 48th in teacher- student ratio and dead last in the ratio of librarians, nurses and counselors to students.

We should be ashamed that California is 47th among states in per-pupil spending, particularly because California once had a public school system that was second to none.

Californians need to invest in education because it's the only thing that will keep our economy strong down the road. This is why teachers are backing Gov. Jerry Brown's funding initiative, Proposition 30. The Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act invests in our children and in a strong economy.

Proposition 30 will keep class sizes from growing larger, prevent more tuition hikes, prevent furlough days and retain educators in our classrooms.

Vote for Proposition 30. It deserves our investment.

MARC MEDEFIND teacher, Sheehy School Merced

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