DANIEL McLEOD: Fox is biased

November 13, 2012 

I voted for love of country; I voted my heart and my mind. It was not enough. Initially I was angry at the results. After a troubled night's sleep, I asked myself why, after all the elections I've seen in my 54 years, was I so upset? I realized it was because I had been deceived. The perpetrator was not the "Lame Stream Media," CNN or even MSNBC. It was that bastion of "fair and balanced" reporting known as Fox News.

After years of viewing, I accepted the Fox assertion of liberal bias in any poll favoring the President. Dick Morris' prediction of a Romney landslide gave me false hope. Karl Rove's insightful and meticulous analysis led me to believe a Romney victory was inevitable.

Confronted by this reality, I can only conclude that Fox News is as biased as any of its rivals. I now see them for what they are: The Barnes & Noble of cable news -- they shill books for the on-air propagandists. Their dishonesty is the source of my frustration. I still have love of country and the eternal optimism that is my God-given right as an American.



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