Another opinion, from the Dallas Morning News

November 20, 2012 

Excerpted from the Nov. 15 Dallas Morning News:

It's hard to take seriously the thousands of people who have signed a petition urging Texas to amicably divorce the rest of the union.

Even in the fiercely independent Lone Star State, this idea is roadkill. ... This idea is just plumb screwy and an odd rejection of basic American principles. Besides, as in any divorce, shouldn't we worry about the children? The Texas petition says the United States is suffering from economic troubles stemming from the federal government's failure to reform spending. ... But the petition also complains of alleged rights abuses (from) agencies such as the Transportation Security Administration. An annoying screening system at the airport is reason to collect your toys and quit? Really? ... There's something mystifyingly un-American about giving up on America. The nation has survived a civil war, a hugely unpopular war in Vietnam, political scandals and moral battles over the rights of women and African-Americans. ... In other words, we don't bail out when disagreements erupt in the family.

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