Grinch couldn't steal Christmas

December 15, 2012 

Kathy Davis read "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" by Dr. Seuss to her second-graders at Mitchell K-6 School in Atwater and then asked them to write what they thought the Grinch meant when he said "Perhaps Christmas doesn't come from a store, perhaps it means a little bit more." Their responses:

He meant it comes from your heart and you celebrate. You have to tell the truth and the Grinch doesn't tell the truth. That it is the day that we celebrate Jesus' birthday.

-- Melanie Arias, age 7

He meant you don't need a tree or food or beef. It's what's inside you. You can have fun and sing.

-- Haylee Routh, age 8

He meant that it is special. He probably also thought that it is in your heart. The Grinch probably thought it is magic.

-- Sean Bollinger, age 7

He meant that it didn't come from presents and stuff. It comes from your heart. And he shared with Whoville.

-- Mariana Esau, age 7

He meant there was more in your heart. If you do not have a Christmas tree and no presents, you still have Christmas. Your heart loves Christmas!

-- Jacqueline Lua, age 7

He meant you don't need a tree to celebrate Christmas. All you need is your family and friends. Christmas is a special time made up of giving and family.

-- Sebastian Ortega, age 7

He meant it comes from your heart. So no matter what, if you don't have anything you can still have Christmas because it's God's birthday.

-- Amaya Meraz, age 8

He meant that it comes from your heart. And that you can't stop Christmas from coming. And it is Jesus' birthday.

-- Hunter Birmingham,

age 7

He meant spending time with your family. And it comes from your heart. We also celebrate Jesus' birthday.

-- Johnathan Petanan, age 7

He meant you don't need a tree, you don't need presents, and you don't need lights. You don't need all that to celebrate Christmas.

-- Jasmin Murillo, age 7

He meant it comes from inside you. And Christmas is when it's Jesus' birthday. And that Christmas is not about getting, it's about giving. Not everyone believes in Santa, but he is real. And in some places it snows.

-- Christian Renison, age 8

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