Richard Lewis: Spreading the wealth and pain

March 29, 2013 

The sequester was a reduction in the rate of increase in spending. Not a spending cut. In spite of this, the White House is continuing its attack on the American public. The White House and its employees were exempt from any cut from the sequester and yet they continue to keep the people from being able to visit their country's home. All of this while Vice President Joe Biden spends 1 million taxpayer dollars to spend one night each in France and England. We can't afford to let the country's children and taxpayers visit their White House but we can afford to let the vice president spend an exorbitant amount of money for his own comfort?

Now the sequester game is going forward as President Barack Obama and his minions continue these irrational cuts to the Castle air control tower, education, other things.

It is obvious the pain being spread around the country is designed to attack the Republicans and the Tea Party in order to try to blame them for these senseless closures.

Obama got more than he wanted. He is not only spreading the wealth, but also the pain.



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