Marriage licenses

March 29, 2013 

Tony Carlos Alvarez and Helen Alvarez, Los Banos, March 1

Margarita Lopez Valencia and Salvador Pacheco, Merced, March 1

Rafael Rosales Lopez and Roxana De Jesus Ascencio, Merced, March 4

Ma Teresa Orozco, Delhi and Manuel Guzman, Hollister, March 4

Javier Mejia and Erika Silva, Livingston, March 4

Adam Dwayne Ferdin and Elena Ray Gonsalez, Merced, March 4

Patrick Shamoeil Mora Khani and Katie Mae Stratton, Delhi, March 5

Priscilla Montez and Jose Pablo Vazquez Medina, Merced, March 6

Javier Vasquez Garcia and Juana Delfina Vasquez, Merced, March 6

Jessica Nicole Jimenez and Anthony Russell Sanchez, Los Banos, March 6

Antonia Ellen Arai and Tyree Jamar Tyler, Merced, March 6

Richard Riene McCullough and Dawn Norma White, Merced, March 6

David Vargas Sr. and Concepcion Martinez Rodriguez, Los Banos, March 6

Eduardo Gonzalez and Maria De Jesus Ramirez, Delhi, March 6

Pao Moua, Merced, and Chou Vang, Atwater, March 7

Jalen Keith Jantz, Livingston, and Zalana Lorraine Jantz, Atwater, March 7

Rigoberto Pulido and Monica Martinez Trujillo, Livingston, March 5

Eric Michael Barcelo and Jessica Pauline Marcelino, Merced, March 7

Gerardo Gallardo and Teresa Jesus Lopez, Merced, March 7

Melissa Kristine Haar and Benjamin Henry Lagus, Chicago, IL., March 7

Esther Davida Hilton and Eduardo Ochoa Flores, Merced, March 7

Mark David Hall, Turlock, and Amber Marcella Smith-Briggs, Merced, March 8

Meredith Marie Stahl and Russell Stahl, Atwater, March 8

Corey Paul Edwards and Charlotte Michelle Morrison Janz, Merced, March 8

Erika Maria Martinez and David Camacho Ruvalcaba, Atwater, March 8

Brandon Christian Marines and Destiny Marie Sanchez, Los Banos, March 8

Rosa Isela Escalante and Jose Carmelito Simplicio Vidal IV, Merced, March 8

Mark Anthony Araiza and Danielle Herera Van Worth, Atwater, March 8

Anabelen Ortega Duran and Miguel Alejandro Herrera, Merced, March 8

Richard Eugene Hill Jr., and Diana Maria Andrade, Hilmar, March 11

Vang Sue Lasue Kong, Merced, and Muy Chessey Vue, Fresno, March 11

Maria Susana Fernandez and Valdemar Chavez Quintero, Modesto, March 11

Christopher John Aguilar Sr. and Peggy June Randolph, Merced, March 11

Jose Angel Aguilar Silva and Oralia Barajas Ramirez, Dos Palos, March 11

Brice Adam Silveria and Carolynn Ann Lewis, Brentwood, March 11

Stephanie Olmos Mojica and Carlos Ponseca Sanchez, Merced, March 11

Karri Marie Miller and Victor Michael Arce Jr., Hilmar, March 11

David Luca and Magdalena Necula, Riverbank, March 11

Domitilo Rosario Lopez and Prisila Guillermina Mendoza-Martinez, Livingston, March 11

Maria Del Carmen Frazier and Gerardo Duenas Briseno, Chowchilla, March 11

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