RAYMOND: Great night filled with music

April 2, 2013 

On Monday night, my husband and I attended a concert at Atwater High School for a salute to the armed forces. This was a benefit to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project, which raised over $1,000.

The gym was mostly filled with parents of the band and singers. The floor of the gym was filled with veterans of the armed forces and even the U.S. Coast Guard was acknowledged.

The national anthem was sung by a young man, Keegan McKenna, with a beautiful tenor voice.

Numerous marches were played that included John Philip Sousa and other notable songwriters.

Then there was a vocal quartet of students Madison Villarreal, McKenna, Faith Taylor and Kristen Knobloch, who sang "God Bless the USA" with true spirit and patriotism. Half way through the song, everyone in the audience was on their feet.

The Atwater Falcon Band left on April 1 to compete in Hawaii, representing Atwater and the state of California in the International Hawaiian Music Festival.

Let's all get behind this great band.

Thank yous go to the Atwater Falcon Band and its director Norm Caulkins for a memorable night.



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