Les Nickerson: Prop. 218 concerns

April 5, 2013 

I am writing in response to the correspondence we received about Proposition 218. First of all, my wife and I believe the city officials have been grossly negligent in their handling of the city's finances. If we ran our household the way the city does, we would be living in a tent along Black Rascal Creek picking up cans and plastic for a living.

We have questions concerning the rate increase.

First question is, "What other funds need to be repaid?"

Second question is, "What are county tipping costs?"

The third is more of a statement and proposal concerning garbage pickup. We currently pay $11.81 per month for the GA01 pickup and $3.68 per month for the GG96 pickup. My wife watches the garbage pickup and sees the GA01 garbage truck pick up both the garbage and the green waste bins. The GG96 truck follows along later and shakes the green bin then moves along. The question here is, "Why are we paying for both services?"

My suggestion is to combine the two payments as one and demand repayment from the garbage contractor for his poor service. I also suggest that you explain the other fund payout and county tipping costs.

To help balance the budget, you may also consider paying your employees prevailing wages and benefits that are consistent with the real world.



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