Renee Pena: What goes around comes around

April 5, 2013 

In light of yet another tragic incidence of gang violence this Easter weekend, I tell my story in hopes that it just might be of comfort to those experiencing loss that remains unsolved.

My great aunt was killed in a drive-by my senior year of high school. Gang members targeted the wrong house. A year went by before anyone was apprehended, yet the one thought to be the driver was acquitted. I was told by random people that he was the shooter. A couple of years later, that very person walked into my workplace. He had quite the story of the pain and suffering he was enduring. He said his mother thought he sold his soul to the devil. He could not eat nor sleep and was in constant pain. He was seeking relief from the doctor I worked for.

It took me writing down his name before I realized who he was. This experience taught me that no matter what our quest for justice is, they never get away with anything. You commit the crime alone, you do the time alone. And whether you are caught and held accountable by our justice system or not, you will suffer alone.



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