John Fitzgibbon: Government still wasting cash

April 10, 2013 

The plan to distribute cell phones to the needy is absolutely, positively, just plain ludicrous. Beyond belief!

The state is $16 billion in debt and the federal government is $80 trillion in the hole.

Whatever happened to the American principle of "If you can't afford it, you don't get it." Oh yes, that was in the years "BD," before the democrats.

And the bike lane project is equally as ludicrous. The city is supposed to get $247,884 from the state. How can the city get money from someone who doesn't have any to give?

And ditto the high-speed rail project. Nobody has the money. Oh I forgot, there's the taxpayer credit card and there's always those scumbag rich people.

When are the tax payers going to wake up and throw all those people -- who think they can spend money like a drunken sailor on a Saturday night -- out of office.



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