Bob Brown: Sick of the lies

April 12, 2013 

In 2007 Congress defeated the immigration bill.

The American people said loudly, "Close the border first." The border still isn't closed and our president refuses to enforce immigration laws to this day. Is this the American way? Pass the bill and then see what is in it? No discussion, no debate, no input from from the voters.

Are we going to a communist-style government?

This bill should not pass no matter its content, just on the way it was done and the broken promises of the past. Our government cannot be trusted and is not accountable. Next they will lie about the cost to the taxpayer. They will lie about the costs, knowing lack of enforcement will drive the costs even higher.

Just look at history and the record is clear. No, as we the people said in 2007, close the border, enforce current law, and then we will talk.

Show good faith first. We are sick of the lies.



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