Steve Bantly: Gun legislation would set standards

April 22, 2013 

In response to a recent letter, "Gun laws don't work" (April 12), the writer states that new gun laws being proposed by "simpleton do-gooders" and "inane legislators" are of no use in curbing criminal gun violence in America. The letter continues that violence has been glorified in movies, video games, etc., that permeates our society -- which is true -- but that new gun laws are not the answer. I disagree.

The purpose of laws in any society, is to set a legal -- and moral -- standard of which behaviors are acceptable or unacceptable. In religion, similar rules, like the Ten Commandments, have been established. In modern society, drunk driving -- a behavior found to be unacceptable -- has laws and penalties dealing with it. Everyone realizes these laws will not totally eliminate all drunken drivers and accidents, but what would happen if there were no such laws? The situation would be much worse: the laws and penalties act as a deterrent.

In Japan, with strict gun laws, gun ownership is very low, yet their society has as much violence in films and TV as in America. The Japanese don't have access to guns and the lack of gun violence in Japan reflects that.



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