Wayne Wallace: Regrets about living in Atwater

May 3, 2013 


SUN-STAR PHOTO BY BEA AHBECK Valerie Anthony, of Atwater, addresses the Atwater City Council during public comments to e-mails sent by Council member Gary Frago containing racist jokes during Monday's city council meeting at the community center in Atwater, Calif. July 27, 2009.

BEA AHBECK — Merced Sun-Star

Why, oh why, did we buy a house in Atwater? We have to explain the City Council constantly. The April 25 letter to the editor titled “Embarrassing Atwater” tells it all. A town hall meeting was held. No mention in the city newsletter, nothing in the newspapers and barely mentioned at the City Council meetings. Why did no one come?

There are three council people who are trying, but we have to listen to the politics of one councilman and then the other councilman wants further information on the subject.

Do your homework before you come to council meetings and if you do not understand something, find out before the meeting. Not only does this show the unpreparedness to be on the council, but it also proves it to the public. Hello?

And why, six months ago, did I go to the police station and request a Neighborhood Watch program for our area and still have heard nothing? When I asked, there was either no one to do it or the person responsible was out ill.

Just how close to a recall are we in a city that cannot afford it -- or maybe we can, in the long run?



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