Ginny Nurenberg: Misleading info

May 4, 2013 

I want to address the misleading information in a recent letter regarding the Merced SPCA.

The SPCA receives no outside funding. But rather than deny help, it is our policy to pay the portion of a vet bill that our limited funds will allow. In fact, several families could attest to receiving our assistance just lately.

We are obliged to keep pens open for the possible return of former adoptees and for animals abandoned outside our gate. It is our practice to keep our numbers at the prescribed level set by Animal Control which has jurisdiction over us. It also ensures a number we can sustain financially and which reduces stress to the animals caused by overcrowding. Any open space we have is immediately filled, hence the "full" sign.

Because we had a stray with a serious disease, we adopted a temporary policy, given space available, of accepting only "owner surrenders." This was to protect our current animals pending the completion of an isolation room. Having no officer or truck for picking up loose strays, we must refer those calls to Animal Control.

I hope this clears up misunderstandings.



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