What you pay at the pump

May 4, 2013 


Federal -- 18.4 cents a gallon

State -- 36 cents a gallon (going up to 39.5 cents effective July 1)

State underground storage tank fee -- 2 cents a gallon

State sales tax -- 2.25 percent plus any local sales taxes.


Federal -- 24.4 cents a gallon

State -- 10 cents a gallon

Underground storage tank fee -- 2 cents a gallon

State sales tax -- 9.44 percent, plus any local sales tax

Starting in 2010, the Fuel Tax Swap provides for a combination of lowering the sales and use tax rate applicable to sales of motor vehicle fuel and simultaneously raising the state excise motor vehicle fuel tax. Starting in 2011, the same law raises the sales tax rate applicable to diesel and simultaneously lowers the excise tax on diesel. For more information go to the state Board of Equalization website, www.boe.ca.gov, and search for fuel taxes.

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