Jim Mount: What the SPCA really is and what it can really do

May 17, 2013 

This is in reply to the letter from the writer disappointed that the SPCA would not help pay her daughter's vet bill (April 29).

The SPCA is purely a local organization. It does not have, as some people think, a national parent group that magically dispenses funds as needed.

The SPCA runs its shelter, caring for about 80 animals, on an extremely tight budget. All the nasty, thankless chores are done by a small group of dedicated volunteers that show up daily.

Its only source of funds are member dues, donations, and fund-raisers put on by these same volunteers. Regardless of how deserving requests for help may be, and there are numerous, the money simply isn't there.

Full capacity is measured by the number of animals that can be adequately cared for, not necessarily by whether there are empty pens.

The knock on the SPCA in years past was that they took in more animals than they could adequately care for, and this got them in trouble with Merced County Animal Control. Now they have a more proper balance.

Hooray for Last Hope Cat Kingdom. Good to see them get some well-deserved positive press for all they do.



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