Kent Amberson: Get the truth out

May 18, 2013 

A comment to the letter, "Embarrassing Atwater." I, for one, am very thankful to Jeff Rivero for embarrassing Atwater if it will help the public and other council members realize that the "money-grows- on-trees" time is over.

Atwater has more people under, or close, to the poverty level than any other town, and to just increase everything is not going to fly for very long; everybody has a limit and that limit has arrived.

At least somebody is trying because there is a rumor circulating in Atwater that years ago, a whole bunch of money was diverted by a former city manager from the various funds that now show a shortage.

Perhaps the other council members need to help the Rivero brothers find the truth rather than playing big city.

Maybe the writer doesn't know it but the Atwater City Council consists of five members — not two — so whatever was voted on passed by a majority obviously. And next time, show a little courtesy to the man.



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