Surdich: Will thrills with another perfect game

June 9, 2013 

No, he is not the baseball player that played for the San Francisco Giants. But, he is Will Garber, a 19-year-old Modesto Junior College student who rolled another 300 game at the National Bowling Stadium in the USBC Open recently. He rolled one last year in a PBA event in Reno.

Garber's 300, was one of the 24 that have been rolled in the Open this year. He is a lefty with a two-handed approach that he releases from the left side. Garber has been using the two-handed style since he was 5. His father is PBA member Wayne Garber, and who joined his son for the historic moment.

"I made a ball change in the second game but couldn't get any strings going," said Garber. "I stayed in the same spot the third game and just made a little hand adjustment, and the strikes starting coming. I told myself to focus on one at a time, keep my feet slow and make good shots.

"I was so glad to do it with my team, family and friends there."

Previously, rolling at the NBS in the PBA West/Northwest Regional Sands Regency Open he rolled a perfect game. He finished a runner-up in the PBA Tri-Regional Sandy Regency Open three months later. Those efforts helped him earn the 2012 PBA West Region Rookie of the Year honors.

This "Will the Thrill" is on the move.

Medical updates

It will be one year this month that Hall of Fame member Karen Hunter had her back surgery at the University of San Francisco's Medical Center. She no longer wears a collar as she did for eight weeks. In those weeks, you could find at Bellevue Bowl on Wednesday and Friday nights with her right arm in a sling, helping her husband, Keith Hunter. The sling is gone and the muscle tone is coming back. She is still about six months from coming back to the lanes. We wish her the best.

Another walking-wounded is another Hall of Fame member, Janie Schropp. She had surgery last Wednesday at Stanford University for a cervical fusion on discs in her neck. Doctors installed a spacer and a plate with two titanium screws. Her surgery lasted more than 90 minutes.

Janie, like Karen, doesn't know for sure when they will be back to the lanes and bowling.

2014 Women's titles

More info on the new changes for the 2014 Women's Championships in the Reno-Sparks Convention Center. Bowlers told USBC that they wanted four-woman teams. I agree, it makes it easier for teams to travel and set up pairing of doubles. It should catch on in the years to come. New team divisions are based on the combined average of all four bowlers: Diamond (725 and up), Ruby (650-724), Emerald (575-649), and Sapphire (574 and below). More new programs next week, and other items of interest.

500 Princess results

Results have come in on the recent California State Women's 500 Club's Princess singles in Fresno. Coming in sixth in the C division was Mary Eckes. Mary Hamilton from Dos Palos came in second in the D division. Congratulations to the gals for placing.

The final frame

Fred Silveira, 85, of Atwater, a long-time bowler in association and a member of the Monday Nigh Merchants passed away on Sunday, May 16. Silveira would have still been bowling in his later years if the aches and pains that we all have caught up with him.

He was a generous sponsor of many teams. In 1990 he sponsored the "Friends of Bowling." Freddy will be missed.

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