Frances Saunders: Adult stem cells only

June 14, 2013 

>It is definitely more than appropriate to call into question the public funding of a $20 million grant awarded last year to the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine ("Stem cell institute still has problems," May 28) to do research using embryonic stem cells.

The name is a total misnomer as there is absolutely nothing regenerative about destroying embryos to further research.

Not one single benefit of a cure has resulted from using embryonic cells, while many spectacular healings (the media fails to report) in diverse locations have come from the use of adult stem cells that do not take human life.

One recently, a South American 2-year-old girl, born without an esophagus, received a transplanted esophagus formed from her bone marrow's adult stem cells. Now she can speak and swallow, which she could not do before, and is expected to develop as a normal child.

How many more wonderful outcomes could be obtained if $20 million were specified for adult stem cell research!



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