Marriage licenses

June 15, 2013 

Josue Franco, Merced, and Mayra Chavez Madrigal, Delano, May 30

Esmiralda Enriquez, Atwater, and Ramon Molina-Maciel, Merced, May 30

Alexander Yatskar and Maria Gonzalez, Merced, May 30

Stephanie Kusayanagi and David Dees, Los Banos, May 30

Gustavo Rocha Jr. and Alondra De La Torre, Merced, May 30

Guadalupe Quezada and Jessica Jimenez, Firebaugh, May 30

Christopher Baker and Patricia-Ann Sabol, Merced, May 30

Antonio Garcia, Merced, and Cynthia Castillo, Coachella, May 30

Natalie Edwards and Jonathan Flanagan, Gustine, May 30

Celina Salas and Edgar Salamanca, Merced, May 31

Ignacio Carrillo and Marlen Salgado, Los Banos, May 31

Kelsie Bergstrom and Bryce Dibble, Winton, May 31

Brianna Kackley and Justin Beserra, Atwater, May 31

Arturo Farias Zepeda and Magdalena Zapien, Winton, May 31

Preslee Fox and Angle Alvarez, Merced, May 31

David Gutierrez and Jenna Jones, Atwater, May 31

Moises Campos and Betty Ireland, Dos Palos, May 31

Brandon Arnold, East Wenatchee, and Ashley Silva, Merced, May 31

Roberto Enciso Jr., Woodlake, and Maira Lua, Planada, May 31

Benny Maldonado Sandoval and San Juanita Maldonado, Merced, May 31

Jesse Esquivel and Ruth Cesena Loera, Los Banos, June 3

Robert Bond and Denise Chavez, Merced, June 3

Felisha Evenson and Lonnie Cabrera, Merced, June 3

Matthew Wendling, Winton, and Christy Welles, Atwater, June 3

Joao Palominosantana and Monica Gutierrez-De La Cruz, Gustine, June 3

Jessica Stamps and Jacob Golden, Merced, June 3

Adilene Gonzalez and Reinaldo Lopez Juarez, Atwater, June 3

Denise Bumgarner, Merced, and David Rallis, Fresno, June 3MARRIAGES

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