Leonard Franco: Cleanup could be better

June 15, 2013 

It is sad to see that the city of Merced has not been proactive in removing dry weeds and debris from its own properties. As was reported in your "Time to clean up or pay up" weed abatement article last week (Merced Sun-Star, June 1), "Homeowners and developers have for the most part been cooperative."

Take a drive by parcels at Yosemite Avenue and Mansionette, Cardella and Bancroft, the 300 block of West 16th Street and the unit block of West 25th Street to see a few examples of at least 69 city-owned properties that received first and second abatement notices from the Fire Department. It seems to me that each city department should have an inventory of properties they are responsible for and ensure that they are in compliance with city ordinances. By properly maintaining its own properties the city should realize cost savings in staff time and printing costs to send abatement notices to itself. As stated by the fire inspector: "People need to do their parts to help take care of this community." The city should lead by example.



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