Capitol Alert: Jerry Brown will support bill keeping Public Records Act intact

dsiders@sacbee.comJune 20, 2013 


Gov. Jerry Brown


brownjanbudget.jpgGov. Jerry Brown will support a bill reversing a proposed weakening of the California Public Records Act, sources said, apparently resolving the controversy that has swept over the Capitol in recent days.

The resolution follows an Assembly vote this morning to undo part of a budget bill that would have made compliance with some provisions of the act voluntary for local agencies. Brown and Senate Democrats initially said they would instead support putting a constitutional amendment on the ballot next year seeking to restore the full effect of the act, but without requiring the state to reimburse local agencies for the cost of compliance.

After initially saying they would not immediately act on the Assembly bill, Senate Democrats are now expected to take up the measure undoing changes to the records act. Brown plans to sign that revised language.

The Democratic governor will also continue to support putting a constitutional amendment on the ballot next year, the sources said.

PHOTO: Gov. Jerry Brown speaks at a news conference at the Capitol on Jan. 10, 2013. The Sacramento Bee/Randall Benton

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