Engelina Smith: In defense of gay people

June 24, 2013 

Glenda Corcoran with the Sacramento GLBT Community Center, holds and her son Fletcher Corcoran, 2, on her shoulders during the 29th annual Gay Pride Parade, Saturday, in downtown Sacramento. The event takes place as the U.S. Supreme Court is poised to rule on the legality of California's Proposition 8. Sacramento is estimated to have a gay population of 9.8%, the sixth highest in the nation. View a photo gallery.

LEZLIE STERLING — lsterling@sacbee.com

This is in response to the letter "Homosexual lifestyle promoted." (June 13, Letters)

Nobody is promoting or celebrating a homosexual lifestyle (except the people involved, and they should); however, defending would be correct.

It is about time that people learn to live and let live. As long as nobody is hurting you or your family, what other people do should be of no concern to you. People who were afraid for years to acknowledge their lifestyle can now finally (in most cases) do so.

Do you really think that this world is coming to an end because homosexuality (that has always existed) has finally been brought out into the open? Do you think that anyone in their right mind would choose to be gay? Do you think that homosexuals are maybe "heathens"? They are like everyone else, and have different religions, and belong to different churches.

You mention a God-fearing nation; this will always be a God-fearing nation because millions of people still believe like you do. Homosexuals do not force their lifestyle on anyone, so extend them the courtesy and don't force your lifestyle on them.



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