Leslie Johnston: Thanks to straight allies

June 30, 2013 

There were several possible outcomes in both same-sex marriage cases. No matter the outcome in these cases, we are, however, ready to continue our fight for other social issues that impact the lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender community, including LGBT youth suicide, discrimination in the workplace and securing other protections that would ensure continued safety for our families, including our transgender brothers and sisters.

I would like to thank our straight allies in the community and across the country that have supported us throughout the years; some new, some old and tried and true. Without your support, we would not have the ability to marry in more than 10 states. The continued love and support that you offer means the world to us.

There is a reason that the Supreme Court has stated 14 times that "marriage is a fundamental right," and we are hoping that they make to fair and equal judgment that any loving union deserves. No matter the result, I hope that our straight allies will continue to stand up for what's right according to the very Constitution that this country was founded upon, under God. Here's a small thank you to you — you know who you are.



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