BOWLING: Peterson draft trio a big hit

Special to the Sun-StarJuly 1, 2013 

It has been a very long time since we have had a Peterson scratch trio league in our association.

The Peterson Draft league was the brainchild of Sean McCulloch and Keith Docherty to give our bowlers a challenge on the lanes.

The scratch trio league is lighting up the lanes on Monday night at Bellevue Bowl. Just kidding.

There has only been five 600 series rolled since the league started, and a handful of 200 games. The shot changes every week with 14 different oil patterns, you know that it must be a tough shot.

Entering team averages ranged from 550 to 573, today the overall average is 483. It started with the association's top 16 average bowlers as team captains. The lowest team captain's selected their bowler first, and then it switched to the highest team captain to pick, an so on.

Everyone I talked to, from the genuine scratch to the handicap bowler said they are having fun. Your ball does tricks on you, you never know from week to week they told me. First place money is not too bad, each bowler receiving $340. Not bad for a short summer 14-week league. I hope it continues over to the fall season with a sponsor.

The Peach

McHenry Bowl is running their 64th annual Peach Singles classic for a 10-weekend run. The Peach is one of the largest handicap singles tournaments in the county and bowls every weekend through July 28.

It's a five-game (2-1-2) handicap event, with seven separate prize lists. Last year's price fund totaled nearly $25,000 with a guaranteed prize fund this year of $20,000.

First place has a guarantee of $2,000, second $1,000, third $750, and fourth place $500. The Peach pays $100 up to 100th place. Squads' times are noon, 2:30 p.m., and 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sundays. Holiday squads will be added on July 4-5-6-7. Entry fee is $50. To reserve a spot call (209) 571-2695.

Foxes TOC

The last scheduled singles event for the season was held last Saturday at the K.C. Bowl in Hanford, with 103 bowlers bowling the heat (108) Saturday.

The prize fund was worth $2,780, paying out 25 places. Taking first place was Ray Estillore of Hanford for $225. In second was Steven DeLaCruz of Salinas for $195. The next event will be the Tournament of Champions at Rancho Bowl in Santa Maria on July 16 at noon. ...

The club will be holding their annual membership meeting and election of officers at 10 a.m. Locals who made the TOC this year are Pete DeVries, Roger Ross, Mike Coe, and Larry Valenti Sr. Frank Alcarez and Manny Simas from Modesto, and Steve Lewis from Mariposa. There are 150 members who qualified for the TOC.

PBA West tourney

The top elite of West Coast PBA members and other pros will be at Yosemite Lanes for their annual Vanessa Brown Homes West Regional the weekend of July 5-7. This will be the eighth year that the PBA has made the stop in Modesto.

The pros will kick-off the competition on Saturday morning in qualifying rounds, the top pros will return on Sunday for the final rounds. The lanes are running their ever popular Pro-Ams along with the regional. July 5 is the first sweeper at 3:30 p.m., and July 6 at 7:30 p.m.

The sweepers are divided into three division: Senior, adult, and junior, each with its own prize fund. Senior division entries pay $25 to shoot for a first-place prize of $250. The adult division entry fee is $40 with a $350 first-place prize, and the junior division will cost $20 for a chance to earn $100 in scholarship money. The pro-ams fill up fast, call (209) 524-9161 to reserve a spot.

Walter Ray wins again

Walter Ray Williams Jr. had to survive a roll-off to defend his PBA50 Northern California Classic title at Harvest Park Bowl at Brentwood last week becoming the first two-time winner this season.

Williams tied with a 223 with Pete Thomas of Oklahoma City and won in a two-frame roll-off, 20-19.

Williams said, "Except for one frame I used the same ball the whole tournament." With a few adjustments he was able to keep the ball in play and hit the pocket all day.

Williams' win moved him into the PBA50 Player of the Year points over Amleto Monacelli of Venezuela by 42-40. The win was worth $8,000 for Williams and $4,500 for Thomas.

Don Surdich is a correspondent for the Sun-Star. He can be reach at (209) 777-1111 or via e-mail at



Lorenzo Alvara 214, Mary Walker 204, Hugh Gray 226, Mary Hamilton 189, Andre Brice 220, Ashley Danel 213, Bruno Holte 233, Mark Moua 254, Jeremy Hurd 233, Kevin Decker 201, Bradley DeHart 206, Mike Young 208, Garland Moore 211, Lee Almeida 200, Roy Browning 204, Tyler Davis 266, Roger Ross 262, Randy Pitcock 290, Gene Frazier 235, Bill Simpson 200.


Deanna Cimmino 564, Maria Herrera 564, Melissa Eldridge 574, Courtney Dahlin 576, Chris Elias 641, Scott Eldridge 662, John Neidhardt 664, Bill Barthel 666, Larry Valenti Jr. 668, Casey McFarlin 674, Rodney Alday 686, Randy Pitcock 690, Justin Decker 690, Larry Valenti Sr. 711.

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