Pat Trieweiler: Update the firewall

July 5, 2013 

Having NSA Director Keith Alexander and sympathetic members of Congress try to sell the public on the top-secret order requiring telecommunication companies to turn over phone records will do little to generate trust in the program.

We're dealing with a broad interpretation of the Patriot Act.

President Obama doesn't need to sell the program to the 4,500 Germans he recently spoke to in Berlin; he needs to gain our trust in it. He has not done a very good job in doing that.

People being people, there is legitimate concerns of what is too much information and the government abusing it. Lois Lerner is a perfect example of that.

There is also the security breach by Edward Snowden. If a low-level contractor can leak sensitive information, could a Chinese government computer geek hack into the system and hit the download key? They're pretty good at doing that sort of thing. Snowden's efforts indicate that the firewall may need some updating.



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