Yosemite pro-am arrives this weekend

July 9, 2013 

Yosemite Lanes again is holding its annual pro-am this weekend in conjunction with the 2013 PBA Vanessa Brown Homes West regional.

The first sweeper is this Friday at 3:30 p.m., followed by one on Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

The sweepers are divided into three divisions: senior, adult and junior, each with its own prize list. Senior division entries pay $25 to shoot for a first-place prize of $250.

The adult division entry fee is $40 with a $350 first-place prize and the junior division will cost $20 for a chance to earn $100 in scholarship money.

Bowlers will be rolling three games with three different PBA pros. Remember, this is a handicap tourney. This popular mini-tourney fills up fast, so contact Yosemite at (209) 524-9161 to reserve a spot.

The Peach

Don't forget that McHenry Bowl, home of the annual Peach Singles Classic had added special holiday squads this week.

This Thursday to Sunday, it will have squads at noon, 2:30 p.m., and 5 p.m. The Peach pays $100 up to 100th place. First place is $2,000. Entry fee is $50 for five games of handicap bowling. Get your spot today, call (209) 571-2695. The Peach ends on July 28.

Mullings wins Madera Monte Carlo

Jim Mullings of Atwater was visiting the Valley Bowl in Madera last Saturday to check-out their Monte Carlo night.

The cost was $14 to enter for three games of regulation bowling with colored pin money shots.

When you signed up to bowl they had raffle tickets for sale. During the night they would draw a number for the jackpot for each game. If your number was picked, you had to roll a strike to continue.

If you rolled a strike, you would pick a card from a deck of cards. If you pulled a Ace, you would have to knock down one pin, a Queen you would have to get another strike to win the jackpot for that game.

What ever card you pulled, you would have to knock down that numbers of pins to win. Mullings' raffle ticket was drawn in the third and final game. He rolled a strike to continue.

He pulled a Ace from the deck of cards and had to knock down just one pin to win the jackpot. He picked off the 10 pin and won the jackpot worth $720 in cash. I think that he might just be going back next month on July 13 at 6:30 p.m.

Stockton to host senior state

The annual California USBC State Senior Singles tournament is being held this year at West Lanes Bowl in Stockton, hosted by the Stockton USBC Women's and Men's Associations. The dates are Aug. 23-25 with four squads. The tourney is open to men and women with six divisions according to age, from 50 to the super senior of 75 and over.

Entry fee is $40 and you rolled six games moving after each 3 game set. Highest average of 2012-2013 will be used in this handicap tourney. This is the same senior tournament that Merced's Larry Valenti Sr. won a few years back and won an all-expense trip to the Senior Nationals in Reno to represent California in his division.

Surdich is the Sun-Star's bowling columnist and can be reached at (209) 777-1111 or desurdich@aol.com.



Jess Donohue 235, Don Layton 225, Jay Cairncross 226, James Layton 210, Mike Giordano 203, Dave Peltier 198, Jeff Stout 227, Mike Bayer 245, Bob Weimer 232, Jim Mullings 256, Ron Gonzales 212, Matt Walker 233, Stephanie Thompson 194, Adam Andrino 234, Kim Barcellos 214, Larry Valenti Jr. 227, Gary Wescott 236, Gene Broussard 224, Casey McFarlin 197, Don Caesar 197, Gene Frazier 220.


Deanna Knapp 460, Mike Bayer 562, Bob Weimer 575, Mellissa Eldridge 593, Kim Barcellos 596, Tyler Davis 623, Mike Robins 635, Gary Wescott 648, Dennis Barcellos 657, Adam Andrino 657, Jeff Stout 658, Kevin Wagner 658, Jerry Hill 662, Bill Barthel 673, Roger Ross 677, Jeremy Hurd 700.

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