J.R. Hernandez: Cemetery woes

July 19, 2013 

I am writing in regard to an issue that has been persistent with Calvary Cemetery. My mom passed almost a year ago, and in that small amount of time we have encountered numerous problems, In the beginning it was just the taking of belongings on her stone. But my main issue now is the condition of the grounds.

If you walk through the cemetery you will find numerous spots where there are huge dips in the ground, making you lose your step; the grass is brown. When you bring it to the attention of the employees their only response is they will put in a work order to have it fixed. Four months after a work order was placed for a sprinkler near my mom's grave, I still go out there daily with a 200-foot water hose and water my mom's area along with the individuals near her.

I feel it is not my job to have to go there and water and pull weeds just to try to maintain where my mom is at rest. I am hoping the district will realize that it is not just grass, it is people's loved ones. They want to go visit and see a well maintained area, to try and have some peace and comfort while visiting a loved one.



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