Juan Alvear: We're modern-day slaves

July 19, 2013 

Is monitoring your computer activity an infringement on your privacy?

Is mind control an infringement on your privacy?

Is subliminal advertisement an infringement on your privacy?

Is targeted advertisement, based upon your profile as a consumer, and infringement on your privacy?

Are we victims of branding with marketing products that modify our behavior enticing us through our core instinctual behaviors to consume, an infringement of privacy?

Are we being slaved by marketing firms and multinational corporations to consume things that we do not need?

Is the consumerism in a capitalistic society, a modern kind of dictatorship?

Is the government, the number one terrorist profit organization, using the excuse of war to deprive you of your fundamental rights, such as freedom of association, expression, religion, speech and privacy, and the pursuit of happiness?

Are we 21st century slaves?

Give me liberty, or give me death?

The answer to all of those questions is yes.

The U.S. no longer has a Constitution or a Bill of Rights. They have been nullified under the pretext of war. We live in an industrial military complex society, a military multinational ruled state, where OPEC rules.



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