Jean Giedt: River speaks up

July 19, 2013 

To Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Elk Grove, and all decision makers:

"Who are you?" I asked the Merced River.

"I am magnificence!" said the river.

"I am beauty!" said the river.

"I am adventure!" said the river.

"I am companionship," said the river.

"I am peace," said the river.

"I am recreation," said the river

"I am habitat," said the river.

"I am power," said the river.

"I am life," said the river.

"I am love," said the river.

"I am intricately woven into the web of life," said the river.

"Thirty-seven species of fish and 127 species of birds and hundreds of other species, including the limestone salamander — a threatened species that lives only in the lower Merced River canyon — call me home.

"My integrity is from our creator.

"I am woven into the web of life, as are humans.

"Sadly, this web is being dismantled by humans. It is becoming painfully clear that we will walk together in awe and respect, or there will not be a future for either nature or humanity. I urge you to keep my protections and the protections of the endangered species in place. I want to continue to share my gifts with you!"



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