Field Poll: Obama's rating takes a tumble

Bee Capitol BureauJuly 22, 2013 

Obama Climate Change

FILE - In this June 25, 2013, file photo President Barack Obama wipes perspiration from his brow during an ambitious speech about climate change under a steaming hot sun at Georgetown University in Washington. Frustrated by a recalcitrant Congress, Obama has vowed to take climate change into his own hands and is starting to execute his plan to stem the warming of the earth. His plan is a complicated mix of rulemaking and federal permitting that’s tough to encapsulate in a neat sales pitch, and may be even tougher to put into action. But by going it alone and pledging to use his authority under existing laws, Obama has freed himself from the need to sell the plan to skeptical lawmakers.v


(July 23) California voters' approval of President Barack Obama has plummeted to 52 percent, according to a new Field Poll. Read Annalise Mantz's story here. Here are the statistical tabulations prepared exclusively for Capitol Alert, on Californians' views of President Barack Obama. Here are the publicly released results from the poll.

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