Merced County marriage licenses

July 27, 2013 

Ysidro Purganan and Lisa Romero, Merced, June 27

Kyle Fackender, Cunningham and Rebecca Granados, Merced, June 27

Jessica Silva and Chad Beymer, Merced, July 27

Travis Johnson and Cory Grimes, Merced, July 27

Carmen Bedolla and Hector Ortiz, Planada, June 27

William Joel Vieker and Whitney Wharton, Livingston, June 27

Jonathan Webb and Lorna Humpal, Merced, June 27

Jennifer Ornelas and Alejandro Aguilar, Merced, June 27

Maria Perez, Planada, and Santana Rios, Fresno, June 28

Luis Palomera, Crows Landing, and Lizeth Monay, Merced, June 28

Justin Byrd and Tiffany Hoyt, Merced, June 28

Mariela Mendoza-Olivera and Jose Vadillo Cardenas, Delhi, June 28

Jean-Pierre Libert, Fresno, and Shantelle Goodman, Dos Palos, June 28

Anthony Collins and Anna Howard, Winton, June 28

Juan Zarate-Tristan and Joanna Chavez, Atwater, June 28

Colt Rossi and Melissa Bridges, Ballico, June 28

Davida Blais, Winton, and David Lillard, Atwater, June 28

Joe Stolfus and Eileen Koch, Los Banos, June 28

Karen Hollada and Marilyn Habay, Merced, July 1

Blanca Soto, Livingston, and Isaac Gutierrez, Buena, July 1

Marcos Soto and Heidi Melquiades, Delhi, July 1

Velicia Salas and Daniel Sandoval, Merced, July 1

Felix Rios Ramirez and Gladis Figueroa Guerrero, Merced, July 1

Rafael Gomez and Esmeralda Rodriguez, Winton, July 1

Stella Lopez and Mario Gutierrez, Los Banos, July 1

Irving Valenzuela and Liliana Diaz, July 1

Tiffany Boland and Jacob Martin, Snelling, July 1

Miguel Valencia and Valraj Ghag, July 1

Paul Frankel and Elizabeth Bealonis, Merced, July 2

Ronald Smith and Nellie Smith, Los Banos, July 2

Mandeep Kaur, Livingston, and Ravinder Dhaliwal, Valencia, July 2

Robeta Monk and Brock Sanders, Dos Palos, July 2

Joshua Quintero Zamora and Adilene Schilling, Atwater, July 2

Steven Hannah and Armando Campos III, Merced, July 2

Archie Hovsepian II and Sandra Bartholomew, Lakeland, July 2

Karen Fenske and Gina Wood, Mariposa, July 3

John Brockman and Joseph Silva,Merced, July 3

John McDonald and Jose Mancillas, Merced, July 3

Reynaldo Sanchez Maldonado and Silvia Espinosa, Merced, July 3

Fernando Molina and Judith Cruz, Los Banos, July 3

Crecencia Torres and Jose Aviles, Ballico, July 3

Ann Wingo and Robinette Conger, Merced, July 3

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