My Favorite Ride: Fully Customized Ford

July 29, 2013 

The car: 1956 Ford F-100

The owner: Shane St. Onge, Atwater

1. What are the key features of your vehicle? Completely custom. Shaved doors and emblems. Aftermarket chassis. Custom wheels. Custom bed.

2. What did you have to do to get it in its present state? New engine. New radiator. Shift kit in transmission. Customized and painted the bedwood. Rewired the vehicle. Painted, insulated and carpeted the cab. New stereo. Replaced hood and repainted the cab, fenders, and hood.

3. What else do you want to do to it? I eventually want to do a frame-off paint job (change color) and possibly add air conditioning.

4. How did you acquire your vehicle? Bought it from a gentleman in Los Angeles off of

5. Why did you pick that particular vehicle and what do you find appealing about it? A buddy of mine had one when we were in high school and I always liked the body style. It is also a one-year-run body style.

6. What started your love affair with cars? I've always appreciated older cars and trucks. I got that from my dad; he loved cars and trucks from his childhood. The first vehicle I ever owned was a 1953 Chevy 3100 pickup. Most of my friends in high school had older vehicles.

7. What advice would you give others about starting such a project? Take your time and be prepared to spend way more than you were expecting. If you think a job is going to take you two hours to complete, double that time. Never think a job is going to be easy, because something will always jump up and bite you.

8. Do you have any other collector vehicles or project cars? I have a 1971 Ford F-100 that I bought in January.

9. What's your favorite memory about this ride? My memories continue to this day -- taking the truck out for her weekly cruise. I also enjoy people coming up and talking to me when I'm filling her up with gas. Either they had a similar truck when they were young or knew someone who did. The waves I get and the people saying, "nice ride." Working on her with my friends and the guys in my car club. All great memories.

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