Pat Trieweiler: Same ol' same ol'

August 3, 2013 

President Obama's latest speeches on the economy are the same old slop that has been served up over the past five years. They're boring reruns that are unoriginal, lack subsistence and offer nothing new. They're political speeches that blame everyone but themselves for the stagnant economy.

Obama blames the Republicans and so-called manufactured scandals for getting us sidetracked from the economy. I thought he was outraged by the IRS scandal; guess he's not after all.

Many Americans never lost track of the national debt, now approaching $17 trillion. Many Americans have never lost track of the bankruptcy that occurred in Detroit, a city that once had the highest per capita income of any American city and was the fourth largest.

Many Americans' struggle every day to pay bills and maintain two or even three part-time jobs to do so. They haven't lost sight of the economy. The president is the one who got sidetracked.

The president needs to get back to Washington, sit down with his lawmakers and come up with solutions. It's time for new ideas, not tired old speeches. It's time for good economic policy, not speech writing. If you are going to talk the talk, then walk the walk.



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