Lori Cooper: Thanks to first responders in time of grief

August 8, 2013 

On July 14, my fiancé was killed while riding his motorcycle. It was the most horrible day I've ever had.

A car turned into his path killing him instantly. I arrived at the scene about a half an hour later, opening my door before I stopped the vehicle.

I was immediately retrieved by a law enforcement officer who both my boyfriend and I knew. He grabbed me gently and said, "It was fast," as I fell to my knees and was out of control. Another sheriff's deputy came over and helped me to my feet and told me calmly to be strong.

I will never forget that day and I will never forget the compassion and professionalism of the first responders. I want to thank all of them; the Merced County sheriff's deputies, the fire department from Station 63 in Winton, CHP and Riggs Ambulance that treated me with respect and dignity.

I would like to ask everyone driving a vehicle on the road to watch out for motorcycles. Take the extra 10 seconds to yield to them. The time it takes is nothing compared to the countless losses of life due to the reckless regard by motorists who share the road with motorcycles. We all need to pay attention and practice constant care.



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