Steve Bantly: Have an open mind

August 18, 2013 

Excellent article (Sun-Star, Aug. 3), about Congress' 10 percent approval rating being bad for our democracy. This dismal polling is mostly the responsibility of the Republican House, which since 2010 has followed an obstructionist, let-the- country-go-to-the-devil, legislative policy. Reasonable House Republicans have been bullied by the ultra-right tea party, with their extreme agenda.

How will making draconian spending cuts in domestic and defense programs, adopting an isolationist foreign policy, and threatening to allow a U.S. debt default benefit America?

Responsible Republicans, like Sen. John McCain, have been relegated to the political sidelines, while these "wacko birds," as he calls them, rant and rave on the House floor and get little done, except voting to repeal Obamacare 40 times, The article likens these politicians' partisanship "to 3-year-olds fighting in a sandbox," and Sen. McCain's comment that Congress is less liked than a colonoscopy.

The worst part are the Opinions letters, with many blaming the president for all the problems caused by congressional obstructionism.

Either these people have a poor memory of the economic mess Obama inherited in 2008, or lack the capacity to understand that in a democracy, it takes reasonable, open-minded politicians to make the system work.



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