Otis H. Hutchinson: One language for voting

August 18, 2013 

I read the article in the paper Aug. 9 about government waste in the area of voting. I believe that it was in the amount of $26 million.

I have a suggestion that I believe could cut down on the expenses in voting.

I called the Elections Office here in the county and asked about how many languages the voting materials are printed in and found out that they print it in two languages, English and Spanish.

How about printing the material in only one, English?

If I read the voting eligibility requirements correctly, one must be a citizen of the United States.

To be a citizen, one must he born in the United States or become a naturalized citizen.

To be a naturalized citizen, it is required that the person read, speak and write in the English language.

Therefore, why do we print voting material in any language other than English?

Politics, I guess, but then that is not always reasonable.



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