Frank Granata: Mark history's dates and lessons

August 19, 2013 

Apparently today's more sophisticated news media fails to bring notice to events that played major roles in the lives of so many around the world and caused structural changes in all the world's governments.

Aug. 6 and 9 are significant to many of us, for it was on those dates in 1945 that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed, finalizing four years of fighting in WWII.

Japan's unconditional surrender followed on the 14th and on Sept. 2, or V-J Day, the official signings took place on the USS Missouri ( I often wonder if it was mere coincidence that this battleship and the president's home state had the same calling(?)...

May 8, 1945, is another non-mentioned date that saw the end of hostilities in Europe, briefly referred to as V-E Day.

Natural law's relentless clock just keeps ticking away while its calendars shed months like falling leaves, and before you realize it, almost 70 years have passed.

Part of the media's responsibility is to apprise succeeding generations that the paths of our historical journey were not always paved, and its milestones are written in blood, sweat and tears, as Winston Churchill would best describe them.



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