Mary Ann Reynolds: Lack of understanding hinders immigration debate

August 21, 2013 

The U.S. Senate has passed an immigration bill. During the rest of the summer and fall, the House of Representatives will take up their version of immigration reform, and from what has been reported in the media, the House version sounds far more contentious.

What concerns me greatly is the amount of misinformation one reads surrounding immigration issues.

Too little is said about the important contribution undocumented immigrants make to our community and economy, especially here in the San Joaquin Valley where agriculture is a huge part of our economy.

Without the willing and hard working hands of immigrants, most of what is produced here would not make it to our markets.

Second, too little is said about the emotional pain immigrant families are experiencing due to the increasing number of undocumented immigrants being put into detention camps.

By the way, the government is spending billions on these detention camps, many owned by private corporations. Children are being separated from their parents as they sit in detention camps until their cases are dealt with by the courts.

Being undocumented is a civil misdemeanor, not a criminal felony.



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