Capitol Alert: AM Alert: Capitol types get legacy treatment, but all eyes on San Diego

dsiders@sacbee.comAugust 23, 2013 

Following a launch party Thursday, photographer Charr Crail's "The Legacy Project" is up and running, with a collection of photo illustrations of such notables as Gov. Jerry Brown, former first lady Maria Shriver and former Assembly Speaker Willie Brown.

The project is meant to chronicle people "who make a difference for somebody else, or many other people," Crail said.

At least one of Crail's subjects has been asked repeatedly about his legacy - and he bristles just about every time.

"I don't think about my legacy," Brown told Capital Public Radio this week. "That's a word that ... I conjure up gothic architecture or something."

The images of Brown and others on Crail's website. Crail, a former employee of The Sacramento Bee, plans to take nominations and add at least one person a month to the list of honorees.

VIDEO: Dan Walters discusses San Diego's trouble with mayors in this video, even before the current one (as of this writing), Bob Filner.

FILNER: Speaking of Filner, Walters won't be the only person watching San Diego's embattled mayor, with speculation Filner is set to resign. The City Council is expected to meet today to consider a settlement in the case, part of a scandal in which a parade of women have claimed Filner sexually harassed them.

Filner has acknowledged disrespecting women but has denied sexually harassing them.

GUNS: The Assembly Select Committee on Gun Violence in the East Bay heads to Stockton for a hearing on "prevention strategies and success stories." After posting a record number of homicides last year, violent crime in the Central Valley city has fallen in the first half of this year. The committee meets at 9 a.m. at 44 N. San Joaquin Street, 6th floor.

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