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Steve Bantly: Some people are blindly following political ideology

August 29, 2013 

Regarding prior letter about Congress’ low approval rating, the writer accuses me of being a “low information writer,” and leaving out “pertinent facts.”

He lists these omissions, like the fast and furious situation with the Mexican drug cartels, IRS targeting of conservative groups’ tax exemptions, NSA spying on U.S. citizens, and our abysmal economy over the last five years.

But what have these things got to do with congressional obstructionism and low approval ratings?

If a person wants to criticize a point of view, that’s fine, but stick to the point, which was congressional obstructionism, low approval ratings, and keeping an open mind – and not ultraconservative rallying points of IRS scandals and NSA spying, etc.

I don’t believe these things can be described as pertinent to House Republican obstructionism.

This response just reinforces my original contention about some people blindly following political ideology.



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