Marriage licenses

August 31, 2013 

Vanessa Morales Gonzalez, Winton, and Lorenzo Piceno Pacheco, Atwater, Aug. 12

Patricia Portillo Novoa, Merced, and Daniel Pena, Pacoima, Aug. 12

Jesus Barajas Arredondo and Maria Chavez Barajas, Merced, Aug. 12

Juan Cintora and Patricia Talamente, Los Banos, Aug. 12

Sasha Walker and Keith Worley, Sacramento, Aug. 12

Samuel Dolida, Los Banos, and Jessica Juarez, Lincoln, Aug. 12

John Lane and Erica Edwards, Merced, Aug. 12

Gustavo Hernandez and Lorilee Partida, Winton, Aug. 13

Yvonne Gonzalez and Dyana Gonzalez, Merced, Aug. 13

Alberto Del Valle and Siana Velasquez, Los Banos, Aug. 13

Megan Spencer and Dallas Rodney, Los Banos, Aug. 13

Samantha Gomez and Cheng Saechao, San Jose, Aug. 13

Sergio Lomeli and Bree-Anne Diaz-Martin, Merced, Aug. 14

Jena Perez and Brian Ipock, Atwater, Aug. 14

Mark Tovar II and Karla Guzman Zacarias, Atwater, Aug. 14

Jessica Volk and Matthew Escobar, Merced, Aug. 14

Francisco Murillo and Rita Franco, Gustine, Aug. 15

Sandy Moua and Xa Her, Merced, Aug. 16

Jessica Propst and Emily Musson, Merced, Aug. 16

Samantha Sparks and Debra D'Entremont, Atwater, Aug. 16

Heath Auble and Emily Erickson, Los Banos, Aug. 16

Martha Zavala and William Barrios, Livingston, Aug. 16

Gabriel Martinez and Ruby Ruiz, Dos Palos, Aug. 16

Andrew Watland and Lisa Coronado, Atwater, Aug. 16

Josephine Hannon and Ronnie Snodgrass, Los Banos, Aug. 16

Francisco Hurtado and Veronica Corona, Merced, Aug. 16

Jorge Rodriguez-Garcia, Gustine, and Maria Garcia, Los Banos, Aug. 19

Juan Avila and Valerie Vega, Merced, Aug. 19

Danielle Evans and Ronson Scanlon, Merced, Aug. 19

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