Bowling makes it easy for beginners to get a good ball

September 3, 2013 

— For the second straight year, the United State Bowling Congress is offering first-time bowlers or bowlers returning to the sport an opportunity to buy a premium bowling ball. If you know someone bowling for the first time this fall, make sure they know of the Welcome 2 Bowling program.

They can buy a new entry level ball for only $59.95 plus $5.95 handing. Four manufactures are participating. Ebonite is offering the Cyclone, Global 900 the Hook, Storm the Tropical Breeze. Brunswick has the Strike King. After you join the USBC, you will get a letter with an activation code. When you call USBC to order your ball, they'll ask for your code.

Scratch trio league

It's been a very long time since our association had a Peterson Point Scratch Trio league or any scratch league at one of our centers. Under the guidance of Sean McCulloch and Keith Docherty it came to be this year in the Peterson Draft league. A 16-team league of all the top men and women in the association rolled for a prize fund worth $6,180. The winners of the inaugural scratch trio was MCS Delivery Service with members John Lema, Lorenzo Alvara and Larry Valenti. Each earned $340. In second was Toyotech with Mark Whitcomb, Gene Broussard and Cam Clemens for $250 each. Taking high series was Randy Pitcock (690). High game winner was Jeremy Hurd (277). Each winner will get a plaque that will be displayed at Bellevue Bowl. The league meets Sept. 9 at 6 p.m. and starts bowling following the meeting.

Adult honor awards

I got a release from Terry Bigham of USBC Communications saying that staring Aug. 1, 2014, the commemoration of a 300 game, 800 series or 900 series will become once-in-a-lifetime awards. The 11-in-a-row award will be eliminated as part of the changes.

"Given that more than 5,000 certified perfect games are rolled in a typical season, the board agrees it is unnecessary for the national governing body to provide awards for near perfection with the 11-in-a-row," wrote USBC President Andrew Cain. You'll still be able to buy additional awards when you earn them. In other words, if you bowl an honor score, you will receive the award from USBC. Starting Aug. 1, 2014, if they have gotten an award in the past, they will not get another from USBC. I don't know what Freddy Irvin of Modesto is going to do, he has 112 perfect games to his credit.

March of Dimes

During the time that Jim Hamilton of Dos Palos rolled at the Los Banos Bowl, he won the annual "March of Dimes" tournament twice. There were rounds of qualifiers before the final championship match. The top two pin-getters rolled off. He recalls beating Joe R. Cardoza of Los Banos in a head-to-head final. The past is always the best.

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